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Hi there, are you searching for creating a community page with LWC component or you want to pass record Id to LWC from community page or you want to know some awesome features about community page than your landed at right place. What is Community page used for ? Communities are a great way to… Continue reading PASS ADDITION PARAMETER TO CUSTOM LWC IN PUBLIC COMMUNITY PAGE

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This Post explains how to download the excel file that is created as VF Page inside LWC Component. Download the js file named download.js from the link and add it as a static resource. Create a Visual force Page for the file that is to be generated as excel. <apex:page controller="TestExcelExport" contentType="application/"> <Workbook… Continue reading DOWNLOAD EXCEL FILE OPTION IN LWC

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Salesforce Certifications

Appropriate time has arrived to select and improve your right skills in the time zone that best suits you. The Salesforce Service Cloud Certification and Master's Certification are designed to help you prepare for and validate your knowledge of the Salesforce Service Cloud in hands-on training, get insight into the sales and marketing ecosystem and… Continue reading Salesforce Certifications


MFA in salesforce

In today's world, it's critical to be concerned about security because we have several online activities and accounts on various sites where we save sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, debit/credit card numbers, and so on. We try to protect our data by using complicated passwords that we change frequently. Salesforce isn't unique, and… Continue reading MFA in salesforce

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Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) is a productivity-boosting tool that automatically keeps data between Salesforce and your email and calendar applications up to date. To keep data up to date between applications, Einstein Activity Capture focuses on three types of data: emails, events, and contacts. With Einstein Activity Capture your email and events are automatically related… Continue reading Einstein Activity Capture


Introduction of Salesforce in Industry

Salesforce Digital transformation is only possible through a big giant which was once  a tiny fish in a huge pond. Transformation is tremendous,success is only possible with Salesforce! Lets quickly jump into the  quick grasp of  intro Salesforce began in a one-bedroom apartment next to Marc Benioff's residence, atop Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, in March… Continue reading Introduction of Salesforce in Industry

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Salesforce Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Before knowing about the salesforce cloud, one should know what cloud computing is. Cloud computing is the delivery of various services over the internet. Clients no need to procure hardware or maintain a Datacenter for their data storage, servers, networking, and Softwares, which will be taken care of by their cloud service providers.… Continue reading Salesforce Cloud Computing


Salesforce MVP Nomination 2022

What is a Salesforce MVP? A Salesforce MVP is a lifelong learner who will always go above and beyond to share expertise to help their entire community blaze trails, and nominations are accepted each year to honor these outstanding leaders. For those unfamiliar with the Salesforce MVP program, it was created to recognize and reward… Continue reading Salesforce MVP Nomination 2022

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Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam

You want to be number One in Salesforce Administrator Certified Exam? Want climb the ladder to the uppermost position in Salesforcewith ease, get the Salesforce administrator certification examdone. Click here for RSVP! Your next question will be how and where I will do this  Salesforce Admin certification? Our Expert SathishKumar Periyasamy will highlight you in thisfollowing: Best… Continue reading Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam


Salesforce is to transform your business for the better tomorrow digitally

What is Salesforce? Salesforce is a cloud-based software platform that offers CRM services (a strategy or technique businesses use to maintain healthy customers or potential customer relationships). Salesforce is one of the most well-known CRMs available today. Since its establishment in 1999, Salesforce has acquired a significant fan base for a variety of reasons. Salesforce:… Continue reading Salesforce is to transform your business for the better tomorrow digitally