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Full Sandbox Refresh Strategy for more than 100GB Storage Customers

We recently started facing full sandbox refresh delay more than 3 days(Pending In Queue status) since there are many other customer started full sandbox refresh ahead who has more that 100GB storage.

According to Salesforce Support Team – There 2 queue for sandbox refresh

  1. Less than 100 GB storage refresh – This will go little faster.
  2. More than 100 GB storage refresh – This will go slow based on no of request sitting ahead of you.

To resolve those kind issue please follow below strategy :-

  1. You can request Sandbox request early than your actual schedule. For example – If you want to schedule sandbox refresh tomorrow then schedule 3 to 4 days early with Auto Activate” flag FALSE. This way you can access your current sandbox environment for development and testing (UAT, Performance, Integration..). screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-10-47-58-am
  2. Once sandbox refresh is ready means “Activate” button is available you can take code back and etc from current org then click “Activate” button. If you think don’t want to activate now – yes you activate newly created sandbox with in next 30 days after Sandbox is Ready (means Active button is visible).


  • You can access current org.
  • Development or Testing won’t impact.
  • You can take current org code backup before activate sandbox.
  • There is no sandbox refresh cut off date and time.


  • latest code and data not available in new org if you deployed any code after Sandbox is Ready.

Best Practices:

  • Don’t deploy any code to PRODUCTION once you initiated sandbox refresh.


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