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what is objects:

Object are database table that us store data specific org in salesforce. and  is a container for all the information on a certain person,place or things. we want to store data.

They are  Two type of objects in Salesforce 

1. standard  objects                        

2. custom objects


standard objects are the one which are created by in default.

Example: accounts, contacts, Leads, opportunities, products, campaigns, cases, users,  contracts, Report, and dashboards.

Accounts Accounts are the companies you’re doing business with. You can also do business with individual people (like solo contractors) using something called Person Accounts.
Contacts Contacts are the people who work at an Account.
Leads Leads are potential prospects. You haven’t yet qualified that they are ready to buy or what product they need.
Opportunities Opportunities are qualified leads that you’ve converted. When you convert the Lead, you create an Account and Contact along with the Opportunity.


It is created by the salesforce user and that are created to store information  that specific to particular companies or industry.  The custom object end with (__ c).

Example: favorite,  Technical, property, offer.



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