Apex · Salesforce


Features of Apex as a Language :

Let us now discuss the features of Apex:

Apex has built in support for DML operations like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and also DML Exception handling. It has support for inline SOQL and SOSL query handling which returns the set of sObject records. We will study the sObject, SOQL, SOSL in detail in future chapters.

Java like syntax and easy to use
Apex is easy to use as it uses the syntax like Java. For example, variable declaration, loop syntax and conditional statements.

Strongly Integrated With Data
Apex is data focused and designed to execute multiple queries and DML statements together. It issues multiple transaction statements on Database.

Strongly Typed
Apex is a strongly typed language. It uses direct reference to schema objects like sObject and any invalid reference quickly fails if it is deleted or if is of wrong data type.

Multitenant Environment
Apex runs in a multitenant environment. Consequently, the Apex runtime engine is designed to guard closely against runaway code, preventing it from monopolizing shared resources. Any code that violates limits fails with easy-to-understand error messages.

Upgrades Automatically
Apex is upgraded as part of Salesforce releases. We don’t have to upgrade it manually.

Easy Testing
Apex provides built-in support for unit test creation and execution, including test results that indicate how much code is covered, and which parts of your code can be more efficient.

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