Apex · Salesforce


These are the ways of creating Apex Class in salesforce.

         Directly we are creating the apex class in salesforce Org.

         And also, we can create the apex class in the Developer console.

        We can Create an apex class through the Visual Studio code.

Directly create the apex class in Salesforce :

  • Open to the Salesforce Org.
  • Enter Apex Classes in the Quick Find box.
  • And choose the Apex class. You can see the name of the class in your org.
  • Now we create a newApex class, so we click the New button.
  • Now we create a new Apex class, so we click the New button.
  • Type your Apex Code here once you will complete your code After that you will click Save Button.

How to create apex class in Visual studio code :

Visual Studio Code is the latest IDE (integrated development environment) for Salesforce Development.

  • Right click the classes tab and choose the Create apex class option.
  • Now created the apex class. Then write your code and save this file.
  • Finally, you will complete the apex class and right-click and deployed code in your Class.
  • And go to your salesforce Org and refresh the page then we will see the new apex class in your org.

How to create apex class in Developer console :

  • Open your Salesforce ORG.
  • Click the Gear Icon (Setup Button) in the right side top corner.
  • Then choose the Developer Console.
  • Click File -> New -> Apex Class.
  • Then type your apex class name and click File -> Save.
  • Here type your apex code.

  • Click File -> Save to save Apex class.

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