Lightning · Salesforce


Overview :

In salesforce, Lightning flow is an application inside salesforce to automate complex business processes by using clicks instead of code and the main moto of the flow is to Automate the process. Salesforce provides many automation tools but Flow is most powerful tool for automation. The use cases for Flow are endless, and its capabilities are growing with every Salesforce release.

What is Lightning Flow?

  • Lightning Flow is the product that encompasses building, managing, and running flows and processes.

Lightning Flow included two point and click tools:

  • Process Builder – which lets you build processes.
  • Flow Builder – which lets you build flows.

What is Process Builder?

  • Process Builder is build a process when you need to start a behind the scenes business process automatically and the process start when a record is created , when a record is updated and when a platform events occurs.

Structure of Process Builder :

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