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What is Flow Builder?

Flow builder is a point-and-click tool for building flows. It can be used to build code-like logic without the requirement of knowing a programming language.

How can you find Flow builder in salesforce platform?

The steps to find flow builder in salesforce platform is mentioned below one by one and the steps are,

  • Go to Setup –> Click Home tab.
  • In Quick find box –> Enter Flows –> Click Flows.

  • In Flow setup page –> Click New Flow Button –> Its shows popup.

  • In popup screen –> Select template –> click Next –> Its shows popup.

  • In popup screen –> Select Freeform or Auto layout structure –> Finally view Flow Builder.

About Flow builder Layout :

In this flow builder layout three parts available and they are,

  1. Button Bar
  2. Tool Box
  3. Canvas

Button Bar (1) :

In this Button bar contain many buttons and they provide information about the flow. The buttons are,

  • In Activate or Deactivate button shows Whether the flow is active or not.
  • Save and Save As buttons are used to save flow in that current layout.
  • Run button used to run the most recently saved version of the flow.
  • Debug button used to verify the flow process.

Tool Box (2) :

The Tool box contains Elements and Manager tab these are used to build the flow.

  1. Elements tab contains three part and these elements are used to create the flow. They are,
  • Interaction type elements
  • Logic type elements
  • Data type elements

These are contains multiple elements like Screen ,Decision , Assignment, Update and create records.

2. Manager tab contains Search box , New resource , resources and elements section.

  • Search box used to search what you want in flow.
  • New Resource Button used to create new resource in flow.
  • Resources section has two section and they are,
    • Screen components – Tt contains screen components available in flow.
    • Variables – It contains variables available in flow.
  • Elements section contains what are the elements used in flow and it is divided under these elements type.

Canvas (3) :

The canvas is the working area of flow builder layout, where you build a flow by adding multiple elements. As you add elements to the canvas and connect them together, you see a visual diagram of your flow.

These are play important role in flow builder layout to create flow in salesforce.

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