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What is Flow Resources?

Flow resources are represents a value that you can reference throughout the flow and its like merge fields in an email template or a formula. In Flow Builder, the Manager tab displays the resources that are available in the flow and you can create resources by clicking New Resource button in flow builder under the manager tab. It has many types and they are described below.

Resource type :

  • Variable
  • Constant
  • Formula
  • Text Template
  • Choice
  • Record Choice Set
  • Picklist Choice Set
  • Stage

Lets know basic things about these resource types and they are,

  • Variable is used to Store a value that can be changed throughout the flow and these are the only resource that can change during the flow. It is used for when the value can differ based on certain conditions and you cannot refer the field directly from salesforce so the field value must be stored in the flow using a variable.
  • Constants are store the fixed value and it can be used throughout the flow.
  • Formula is one that can calculate the value in flow like formula field.
  • Text template is used to store text that can be changed and used throughout the flow. The text is formatted by using HTML tags.
  • Choice is create a choice option to use in a screen component, such as a Radio Buttons or Multi-Select Picklist component.
  • Record Choice set is used to Generate a set of choices by using a filtered list of records.
  • Picklist Choice Set is generate a set of choices by using the values of a picklist or multi-select picklist field.
  • Stages are used to represent the user’s progress throughout the flow and to identify which stages are relevant to the user throughout the flow.

These are all the basics things described above and lets know how to create , edit and delete a resource in flow are mentioned below.

How to create new resource in flow?

Lets create new resource, for simple example Constant is the resource type and you can follow the following steps to create a new resource.

Step 1 – Go to setup –> Search Flow in Quick Find Box –> Click Flows.

Step 2 – In Flow page –> Click New Flow Button.

Step 3 – In Flow Builder Page –> Click New Resource Button under the manager tab.

Step 4 – In New Resource Popup –> Select Resource type as Constant –> Then fill API name and description.

Step 5 – In data type Search box –> Select Number –> Enter the number value in Value field –> Click Done.

Created new resource is available under the manager tab in flow builder.

How to Edit and Delete resource?

Click right side of the resource name and You can able to see Edit and Delete button. So using this buttons you can edit or delete a resource easily and one more option for Edit is click on resource name and edit it.

These are all the easy steps to Create , Edit and Delete a resource in Flow.


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