Flow · Lightning · Salesforce


Flow elements :

  • In Flow builder layout , Flow elements available in that left side bar and each element are represents action that the flow execute. Such actions are collecting data from flow users, create records , displaying information and executing business logic or manipulating data.
  • In Flow Builder, the Elements tab displays the types of elements that you can add to the flow by dragging them onto the canvas.

Type of elements :

  • Interaction type elements
  • Logic type elements
  • Data type elements

These type of flow elements are explained breifely in below.

Interaction type elements :

It contains 3 type of elements and they are,

  • Screen
  • Action
  • Subflow

Screen Element :

Screen Element is used to display the screen to the user. In this screen can collect the data from users and that details used to flow or display the data from Flow to users. These screen element contains three categories and they are,

  1. Screen components
  2. canvas
  3. Screen Properties

Screen Components (1) :

The left-side pane displays all the screen components available in your org. These componenets are only used to click and drag a component to add it to the screen.Each screen is made up of one or more screen components. A screen component is a configurable, reusable element added to a screen and its contain threecategories,

  • Input – Request information from the user.
  • Display – Display information to the user.
  • Custom – Include componenets from Appexchage, third party library and build your own.

Canvas (2) :

The canvas is a working area and where you build your screen. Drag and drop the components to arrange them in the right order.

Properties Pane (3) :

The properties pane shows the screen’s properties or the properties of the selected component ant its depending on the canvas selction. To view or modify the screen properties, click the header or footer in the canvas.

The screen properties include Configure frame, Navigation options and Help section.

Action Element :

The Action Element is one of the Interaction element in the Toolbox. In this action element is used to do some actions in flow and you can drag an action element onto the canvas on that time you can select the action from the Action search box. You can select any one of the action and each action requests some values like inputs.

In this New Action has the filter on left side of popup and it contains two filters ,they are Category and Type. These filters are used to filter the actions based on the requirement.

Subflow Element :

A Flow that launched another flow is known as subflow.In this action used to add any other flow inside flow.

In New Sub flow popup shows referenced Flow search box and select which flow you want to add sub flow in available flow process and configure it.

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