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Flow elements :

  • In Flow builder layout , Flow elements available in that left side bar and each element are represents action that the flow execute. Such actions are collecting data from flow users, create records , displaying information and executing business logic or manipulating data.
  • In Flow Builder, the Elements tab displays the types of elements that you can add to the flow by dragging them onto the canvas.

Type of elements :

  • Interaction type elements
  • Logic type elements
  • Data type elements

Will be talking Logic type elements in this blog post:

It contains 3 type of elements and they are,

  • Assignment
  • Decision
  • Loop

Assignment Element :

The Assignment Elememt is used to assign the values to variables like collection, record, picklist and etc.

Under the set variable section you can set the values to variables also you have to click Add Assignment button and you can assign values to multiple variables.

It contains Variable, Operator and Value section.You can select variables in variable section, select operator you want to assign the variable and choose value to assign that variable.

Decision Element :

The Decision Element is one of the most important element in flow builder. In this element definitely have two different ways in flow automation and it works like IF statement. Evaluate a set of conditions, and route users through the flow based on the outcomes of those conditions.

Under the Outcome section two different outcome orders available and they are,

  • New Outcome – To add condition based outcome results.
  • Default Outcome – To add default outcome result.

Loop Element :

The Loop Element is used to iterating collection variable and store the values. For each iteration, the flow stores the value to loop variable.

You can select collection variable in search box under the select collection variable section which you want to iterate and store the values in variable. Also select the direction in Direction picklist which direction you want to store the values.

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