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Scenario : Create new Opportunity record by using Flow.

How to create record ?

Lets create new record, for simple example you can take Opportunity object and create new opportunity record by using Flow. You can follow the steps below to create new record.

Step 1 – Go to setup –> Search Flow in Quick Find Box –> Click Flows.

Step 2 – In Flow page –> Click New Flow.

Step 3 – In New flow popup –> Select Screen flow –> Click Next –> Select Free Form layout.

Create Screen Element :

Step 4 – In Flow Builder layout –> Click Elements tab –> Drag Screen element in Canvas area.

Step 5 – In Screen popup –> Enter Required details in properties pane –> Add the screen components in Canvas area which are visible in screen –> Click Done.

Step 6 – In Canvas Connect Start to Screen element –> Click Save –> Enter Flow details in popup –> Click Save –> Click Run.

It shows Screen which that visible in client side after you will run the Flow.

Create Records Element :

Step 7 – Drag Create new records element in Canvas –>Enter Required details –> Set Field values –> Click Done.

Step 8 – Connect Screen Element to Create records element –>Click Save –> Click Run.

Step 9 -Its redirect new page –> Enter the field values available in screen –> Click Next.

Step 10 : Go to Sales app –> Click Opportunity Tab –> In List View select all Opportunities –> Select Last Created Opportunity –> In record page Click Details Section –> It shows detail about that record.

Finally the Opportunity Account is created via Flow and the details page look like.

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