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We know multiple ways in Salesforce to send email so in this blog explain the simple steps to send email through flow. So you can add this steps as per your business use case to send email.

Flow Creating Steps :

Step 1 – Go to setup –> Search Flow in Quick Find Box –> Click Flows.

Step 2 – In Flow page –> Click New Flow.

Step 3 – In New flow popup –> Select Autolaunched flow –> Click Next –> Select Free Form layout.

Create Action Element :

Step 4 – In Flow Builder layout –> Click Elements tab –> Drag Action element in Canvas area.

Step 5 – In New Action popup –> Select Category in Filter by dropdown layout –> Select Email –> Click Search email actions layout –> Select Send Email –> Enter required details.

After select Send Email its work like below.

Under the Set Input Values section enter the field values like below. In Email Address field enter the mail address which you need to sent a mail and before you enter the values enable Include.

Step 6 – In Canvas Connect Start to Action element –> Click Save.

Step 7 – Enter Flow details in Display popup –> Click Done

Step 8 – Click Save & Run.

Step 9 – Your page is redirect to next page –> It shows message that flow finished confirmation.

Step 10 – Open Gmail & check inbox –> You getting a mail –> Check it.

Finally it shows like below.

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