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This blog is explain what are the ways available to invoke flow in salesforce and we can create flow development easily but we need to know where it is invoke as per business use case.

Available ways to invoke flow :

  • Custom Button, Links and Actions.
  • Process Builder
  • Visualforce Page
  • Apex Start() Method
  • Flow URL
  • As a Subflow
  • Login Flow
  • Embedding in a Page like Home page, Record page, Visualforce page & etc.

These are the possible ways to invoke flow in salesforce. So we take and tour one of the way to invoke flow in below.

Custom Button, Links and Actions :

This way is simple and we use to invoke flow in Action. So the steps are,

Step 1 – Go to Object –> Select Buttons, Links, and Actions –> Click New Action.

Step 2 – In New Action Page –> Enter Action Type as Flow –> Select Flow which to invoke –> Enter other details –> Click Save.

After click save button its redirect to Action Detail page like this,

Step 3 – Go back to object –> Click Page Layout –> Select Layout among available layouts.

Step 4 – In layout page –> Select Mobile & Lightning Actions –> Drag and dropdown the Action button to layout –> Click Save.

Step 5 – Go to App –> Select that object tab –> Go to record detail page –> Verify .

Step 6 – Click Action( Verification ) Button –> Its Display Flow that added in Action.

Its work like this,

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