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  • Custom Actions are buttons created in order to perform an action in Quote Line Editor, Configurator and in several other detail pages. For example, Custom action in Edit Lines Page can be used to delete quote lines, add a quote group and navigate to internal or external page. In this blog, a custom action ‘Generate Document’ is created in Edit Lines page to redirect to a visual force page.

Go to Custom Action tab and click on New.

  1. Enter the Name as ‘Generate Document’.
  2. Set the Active flag to true.
  3. Enter the Display Order number. This is the order in which the buttons get displayed on the Edit Lines Page.
  4. Select the Type as button since we are trying to create a button in this example.
  5. Parent Custom Action groups one or more custom actions under a single drop down menu as shown below.

Since In this example, we dont want to associate to any parent, we leave this field as blank.

6. Select URL Target as ‘Replace Page’ in order to redirect to a visualforce page.

7. Enter the URL as ‘/apex/ValidatePriceSheet?id={!SBQQ__Quote__c.Id}’. ValidatePrice Sheet is the name of the visualforce page to which the button has to be directed. You can write any custom logic in that page.

8. Select Page as ‘Quote Line Editor’. This is the name of the page in which the custom action has to be displayed.

9. Select Location as ‘Quote’. This Location is the place where the custom action appears on the selected Page.

10. Enter Label as ‘Generate Document’. This is the name of the custom action which displays on the page.

11. Action field lists the default actions available in salesforce CPQ. Some example actions available are ‘Save, Quick Save, Calculate, Add Group, Ungroup’. Select One if any of the these actions has to be performed. Since In this example, we are redirecting to a visual force page, this field can be left empty.

12. Click on ‘Save’. Now you can see the ‘Generate Document’ button in Edit Lines page.

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