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Flat file to Salesforce date problems -Informatica Network

step 1: Close date format is “2020-10-31” in source file.

step 2: Select “string” datatype instead of “date/time”.

Step 3: Next step select the expression transformation from transformation tool and pass all fields into expression transformation.

Step 4: 1) Input “Date” is always in string format

              2)select variable port for the “v_Date” field, write below given expression

                TO_DATE ([field name],’YYYY-MM-DD’). In this field we need to change the data type of the date, “string” to “date/time”.

               3)Next create the output field for the Date, get date target connection from here.

Step 4: Finally connect the date field into salesforce date field execute the workflow finally get the date value in salesforce.       

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