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What is Salesforce Safety Cloud? Introduction to New Safety Cloud

What is Salesforce Safety Cloud? Introduction to New Safety Cloud

Introduction of Salesforce Safety Cloud

After the pandemic covid severity effect, worldwide, people are returning to normal. To address it, Salesforce has come up with a solution, keeping safety aspects in mind. Salesforce, a global CRM leader, ensures that companies of every size and industry digitally transform and create a 360° view of their customers. Salesforce safety clouds have come into existence to ensure the Safety of people to work without fear.

Salesforce Safety Cloud

Salesforce Safety Cloud is a CRM that helps in testing, health and entry protocols to create Safety in-person work experience at events and in the workplace. Salesforce Safety cloud streamlines covid 19 testing and health status reporting with security on a  single platform.

Why should you use Salesforce Safety Cloud?

  • Safety: 

As the name implies, it is for the protection of people working together at events and in the workplace who are following a protocol, testing, and keeping track of their health report status.

  • Employee Retention: 

Working from home exacerbates employee retention issues by creating a communication gap and limiting contact with people and their interests.The safety  implementation that  can boost an employee’s confidence, safety, and retention.

Salesforce Safety Cloud’s Benefits

  • Employee health can be easily tracked.
  • Health status has been updated
  • Safety protocols are simple to comprehend.
  • Health-history-gathering method that is automated
  • There’s no need to be concerned about security issues.
  • Flexibility in collaborating with people to work safely and bringing people back to a normal work routine after two years of the pandemic.

Which type of industry uses Salesforce Safety Cloud

Implementation of Health and Safety is the top priority for every organization regardless of the industry’s size type. It is designed according to the specification of the sector to match the requirements of any industry type.

Types of Salesforce cloud related to health

The few types of salesforce cloud related to health care:

  • Salesforce Medical Cloud: 

It is a health cloud to store, maintain, backup information about the health condition of patients and security of information is also taken care of.

  • Salesforce Vaccine Cloud: 

This is a unique salesforce platform that helps governments, healthcare providers,non-profits organizations store, maintain, and back up vaccine data and align with non-vaccinated patients to get vaccinated. 

  • Salesforce Safety Cloud: 

Salesforce Safety Cloud is a CRM that helps in testing, health and entry protocols to create Safety in-person work experience at events and in the workplace.

Difference between Salesforce safety cloud and vaccine cloud

Salesforce Safety Cloud is related to safety protocol brought in when working together, whereas vaccine cloud  to help governments, healthcare providers, non-profits organizations about the vaccine updates

To Conclude:

Thus Salesforce Safety Clouds helps businesses and communities to work together with safety considerations. Health, Safety and trust are the leaders in this pandemic. Salesforce  Safety Cloud is a protocol to help bring back to normal after two years of covid effect.

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