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Type of external salesforce connect

Salesforce supports 3 way to connect external system using Salesforce Connect oData 2.0 or oData 4.0 Cross Org Adapter Custom Adapter using Apex Connector Framework   oData 2.0 or oData 4.0: oData is Open Data Protocol. REST based integration. This is standard way to connect your external system if Salesforce supports or External system supports.… Continue reading Type of external salesforce connect

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Mru(most recent update)Header API Call

SOAP Header called mruUpdate is used to update most recent update record in the Recent Item Section. By default false. If you want to see the recent record in the recent item section then you need to sent that flag to TRUE. SOAP Request XML: <urn:MruHeader>          <urn:updateMru>true</urn:updateMru>      </urn:MruHeader> Sample Code JAVA or .Net:… Continue reading Mru(most recent update)Header API Call

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Pull List of record from sObject using SFDC Standard REST API

We can use standard REST API to pull list of sObject records to External system from salesforce. Please find below REST API to pull list of Account based on Name and Website Production URL:,name+FROM+Account+WHERE+name='Sathish'+AND+website='' Sandbox URL:,name+FROM+Account+WHERE+name='Sathish'+AND+website=''