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What is Salesforce Net Zero Cloud?

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud enables organizations to collect, analyze, categorize and report greenhouse gas emission data throughout the organizational business activities to gain accurate, critical insights about carbon footprint. Sustainability cloud once called, now it is called Net Zero Cloud. Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is one of the best options to adopt to reduce and… Continue reading What is Salesforce Net Zero Cloud?

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Salesforce Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Before knowing about the salesforce cloud, one should know what cloud computing is. Cloud computing is the delivery of various services over the internet. Clients no need to procure hardware or maintain a Datacenter for their data storage, servers, networking, and Softwares, which will be taken care of by their cloud service providers.… Continue reading Salesforce Cloud Computing

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Key Capabilities of Service Cloud

Case Management (Automatic Assignment and Escalation) Open CTI (Softphone) Email to case management Live Chat (Handle multiple chat) Communities (Customers and Partners) Public Website(Self Service) Social Channel (Engage customer) Service Analytics (Reports and dashboard) Entitlement and Milestone Knowledge Management Communication and Collaboration Mobile device for customer experience Integration Tool